My Self-challenge Journey

Is it your first time here?

My goal is to challenge, inspire and support 10 million high achievers experience wealth and success in all areas of their life. I will give you tools and support to gain clarity of your mission and help you align it to your personal life, business, career and relationships. When your wheel is aligned and focused, you can turn your crazy dreams to reality and achieve immense impact in your life and the world.

a new me

If you thought you knew me, that was yesterday. Times change, people grow and so do I! I aim to serve God by learning and inspiring people (including myself) to live a Full Life. In this blog, you shall find tons of content and tools of how I challenge myself to grow and transform to greater potential. I am crazy about holistic success. My mission is to challenge, inspire and support people to a new level of holistic success-making money, having a huge impact in your community and never losing yourself in the process!

But’s it’s never been this easy. Before I began empowering and supporting conscious professionals to unlock and share their unique gifts to the world on a massive scale, I had great obstacles to overcome and transform. Most of them within me!

Online courses

The Holistic Success Design Blueprint is our premier 8 weeks experience for high achievers to unstuck, gain clarity and cause lasting impact in all areas of their life. Be the first to know when it opens again.


Our Holistic Success Workshops and webinars take place every month. Join the next one and discover practical tools and steps to create alignment in your life!




Partner with me to offer training on Personal & Organizational Alignment for Holistic Success. Let me know your needs and let’s inspire transformation together!

Some Impact we’ve made so far

Dr. Karambu Ringera

(Founder and President (International Peace Initiatives). What I found most inspiring in their approach to coaching was what Dennis calls ‘mindfulness.’ Being present to whatever one chooses to do at any one time by ‘quieting’ one’s mind through meditation or being silent. A quiet mind enables one to connect with a deeper and higher way of Knowing answers, insights, and ideas that one needs to guide their day and moment-to-moment BEing and actions.

Nancy Wachira

(IT Specialist & CEO-Anncy Holdings Limited). I always wanted to travel learning and exploring the world. All my applications were unsuccessful. I had low self-confidence and I would often be doing several things at the same time. Within 3 months I got a better higher paying job, three fully funded fellowships related to my passion. Now I have a regular habit of self-care. I have grown mostly from the inside out.

Jonathan Thuo

(Tech Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker). Being a part of this community has provided me with a safe space to share freely, gain clarity of what I want and how my thoughts can attract or push away my desires. I quit my job with Google and started my own Digital Marketing Company with more clarity and confidence.