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5 Heart-Touching Things About Life I Learnt From my Rwanda Experience

Dear friend,

I sense, you, just like I am, are a high achiever working to unlock your unique genius and create a life of impact and fulfillment in life. This experience will add to that part of you!

I spent mid October week in Rwanda at Muhazi Beach Resort in Rwamagana District for an Inner Peace Retreat. The center, overlooking Lake Muhazi is one peaceful, green, calm and simple place you may want to visit on your next stop in Rwanda. 

During the 7 days experience, I gathered some crucial life lessons that is changing my life and could potentially change yours too:

1. Everyone on this planet, including you has a unique gift that only you can offer the world:
Watching the team work, each one with their unique gifts, and each time finding a way to blend my heart centered connections in my role as an MC of the fellowship, I could see how each of us was different, yet complementary in achieving the goal of the retreat. And isn’t this what life is all about? Each of us offering our unique gifts to the fellowship of life? 

Trouble comes when we are unsure of what our unique gifts are. In these cases, we struggle, get all over the place and get overwhelmed as I did too. My pastor would tell me that people are waiting for me to step up and begin offering my unique gifts. Good news, you have a unique gift that only you can offer the world. 

2. When we are distracted and ever busy, we lose touch with things that truly matter:
The goal of the retreat was to provide an environment and support for the 37 participants from Eastern and Southern Africa to nurture peace of mind. Even then, as I went about my role of holding the space, I noticed that I could very easily get lost in the activity of it and forget what really mattered to me. 

And, don’t we sometimes get so busy and distracted in our lives that we hardly have time for some crucial matters of our life? Do you ever create time for important matters such as working on your passionate dream project, family connections, personal fitness, spiritual grounding or becoming financially independent?

3. Acceptance is a BIG step to transformation and impact:
In one specific conversation with Mahlet, from Ethiopia; we were having a light moment when she said, “you know, the most important thing that leads to inner peace is to accept all things as they are.” I agreed and we laughed about the truth of those statements in line with the joke we were sharing. 

And later, as I reflected on the retreat experience, I found that statement to be a very crucial aspect of what makes or breaks us. Most of us hardly accept that something is going on in our life and that we may need support, or that we are struggling with something. We keep silent, battling silently with the problem till it gets bigger and unavoidable before we can act. Accepting that we are struggling with something is the first step to seeking a solution.  

4.You can always ask for support:
When we accept that we need support, the best thing is to ask for it. Asking for support does not mean you are weak.  At some point, in setting up the room, as I ran around posting the daily program on the walls of the training room, I had something else more urgent to do and could do with some help. Asking Joy for help got me a breathing space to do other things that only I could do and with ease. 

Asking for help is a useful thing to help us all get breakthroughs in our life. An important type of help is getting relevant mentors, training and coaching. My current steps and focus in my creative genius is because of the help from my mentors and coaches; Mary Morrissey (Daily Mentorship Program), Marriane Verijt (NLP Coaching Masters Program), James Karundu, and The Introduction Leaders Programs of Landmark among other spaces.

5.Time is an illusion; what we have is a space to create beautiful moments & memories that fulfil us:
Picture this, without time, we have the sun coming out in the morning, setting in the evening, the moon for the night, and a space to create anything we ever could dream of creating. Time was created to help us connect; yet we use it to enslave and overwhelm ourselves into constant activity and anxiety.  

What we have and can use is the space of this moment in life. With this moment, we can create anything, and we have been creating all the things in our life anyway. The good news is; we can begin today to create beautiful moments moment by moment, day by day; one activity after another. Each day is a new day, an opportunity to create. 

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Bonus Lesson: I went to The Kigali Genocide Memorial a second time and this experience, teary eyed, pensive, seeing how far Rwanda has come and is going, I was hopeful, confident and convinced that, nothing has ever happened to you. All the things of your past are a foundation to RISE and OFFER THE WORLD WHO & WHOSE YOU REALLY ARE!

Love & Respect!

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