My Self-challenge Journey

Dennis: An Ordinary Guy from Kabonyo

Hi, I am Dennis Odeny and I want to share with you something that you may not know about me yet. Just like any good ordinary child, I grew up through my primary and early high school days with the go to school, have fun, get to college, get a great job, get married, have lots of money and children and retire into a farmhouse in my fifties.

My Dreams Shattered with a Knife

This dream got shattered one morning when an excruciating pain in my groin had me go for an urgent operation to remove one of my scrotal sacs. I had testicular torsion, cancer that leads to the swelling and death of scrotal cells. That afternoon, lying on a raised surgical bed, ready to face the knife, surrounded by my aunt’s life group from church; I overheard someone say I may never get children. Disturbed,                                     I thought for the first time; “what is my life really about?”

I knew what I did not want

In several experiences that followed; from my teacher prophesying that I will become a thief in future; working hard to prove her wrong, the loss of my mom and blaming my uncle for it; traveling the world, landing a great job as Africa Coordinator while still a student, to traveling over 20 countries among other experiences; I still never quite figured out what my life was really about.

I had hints and I knew what I did not want. Here are some of them:

  • Being trapped in a job that I hate

  • Having to die without having lived it all

  • Not being real/a fake (I played lots of rounds with this one)

  • Having a great job & money & no time for family

  • Controlled by fear (of money, people, rejection and a lot of other things)

  • Letting go of my dreams and settling for an ordinary life/a life of survival

The list can be long so let me stop here.

But I never quite paid attention to what I really wanted:

And so, I got more of what I did not want. Why? Because, my central focus was always on; I don’t want this; and I don’t want that, this does not work! (Things that did not work)

Crafting My Core Mission

At one point in life, you quit playing small and step into who and whose you truly are. I did. Through a hard transition of course!

My Life Mission is to inspire a million people (including me) to Live a FULL Life doing what they love: making money and impacting the world!

It’s not enough to stay in a job you do not love: live a life where you feel like you’re selling your soul; be overwhelmed at work and life or even lose your family as you are busy getting all the money or fame.

I have been there and I want to help you!

I truly believe that we are all here, alive at this moment to live fulfilled lives. Making money, Taking Care of our body and mind, nurturing relationships, while grounded in our core Mission for Life. I want you to know that I will be here for you as a friend and a resource throughout your journey to holistic success!

You can rely on me to share with you all I know & keep discovering to achieve holistic success and inner peace !

You can start by Taking Action Now:

Understand this; it’s never too early or too late to change your life and experience holistic success. There is some work you need to do. New habits you will develop and I am here to support you make those shifts.




Here are some of the things I am really grateful for:

  • My family my wife & two boys are my greatest inspiration & example to serve the world!

  • Publishing two books:

    1. Hey You! See what You Missed Struggling to Be Perfect

    2. Plan It! A practical workbook to design your days to win!

  • Our work featured on the Local Dailies 

  • The amazing talk show on K24 Breakfast Show on: Making Powerful Life Choices

  • Training over 200 African leaders to calm their minds and set powerful intentions at The Africa Rising Summit in Arusha, Tanzania.

  • Training over 60 African political leaders and activists on self-care and stress management at The Rustlers Valley Retreat in Johannesburg South Africa.

  • Training students and educators on inner peace and holistic self-care at The National Youth Council of Namibia

  • Founding “The Holistic Success Design Blueprint” a Course that supports high achievers to unstuck, gain clarity and cause lasting impact in all areas of their life.

  • Feedback from some of the thousands of people I have interacted with me in my classes across 27 countries of Africa and Asia!

  • The many things I have tried and failed at (there are lots of them)

It is great to grow together in this journey!



Love & Respect!


Dennis Odeny