My Self-challenge Journey

freedom from every area of your life working

How can every area of my life work

How can every area of your life work? Is this even possible that all of life works? Powerfully dealing with whatever life brings at you. I have attended several programs on personal and professional growth and development. I am constantly reading a new book, looking for the next opportunity to explore further and I simply love expanding; or so I thought. Yes! These training work! My life appeared to grow. Things appeared to go well during the training, and sometimes after.

Then, about a week, two weeks or a few days later,  I would go back to my old habits. Procrastinating on opportunities that came, pushing things till the last minute, acting busy and occupied so I do not have to deal with the important stuff, name it! Avoiding responsibility at all costs! After all, is it even possible that every area of my life can work really?

I mastered concepts of success: You should be consistent, take responsibility of your life, integrity-be a person of your word; you can name them. However, I did not keep my word to myself and deep down, I thought its Bulls#1t that every area of life works really. Beyond the concept was a lazy man, in his comfort zone, stretching just a little bit to convince himself that he is doing his best to ensure that every area of life works.

One day, much recently actually, several debts later, unmet promises on my brow and a constant attempt to defend myself and seek sympathy, I wondered if things could be different.

What could I do differently to get new results? The results I have always wanted? And perhaps you ask yourself what can you do to ensure that every area of your life works?

You see I have some new year resolutions that I have had in my notebook since 2016. Every year, I got it just right, and soon, later, the year came to an end, and I put it back into the list. Others dropped off and others became clearer. 

The house I have wanted to build, the course I have always wanted to take; all lying in a someday sometime maybe every area of my life will work.

Beyond that, I looked at my two sons, my family. What future do they hold? School is around the corner and my education saving I started a couple of years ago stopped because I had more pressing need for money! Well, I just didn’t follow my plan anymore! What about the blank stares when looking at the budget? Constantly feeling attacked and having to give excuses with “it shall be well” or a stern look when asked for money? 

What about the time I have always wanted to spend with my sons that I hardly ever get because I am constantly working or worrying about what will happen next.

Well, this has got to stop. I gotta stop this chicanery of self deception, waiting for some savior to come while all the while affirming how responsible I am. 

I have had enough! 

Well, so what? You may ask! I made a decision:

what if I lived on the edge? 

Constantly pushing myself, constantly examining my life and constantly taking BOLD SMALL Steps towards my dreams?  Towards a life that is all round!

So, I have started a challenge; a 360-Turnaround to stretch in all areas of my life! 

I do not like doing the same thing for a long time, or even knowing I will do the same thing for life!

So, I took on weekly challenges, a ritual that involves putting myself fully out and working it as I get the results I want, rinsing and repeating the process for week two!

I started this journey! It’s fun, exciting and of course the fear is also there as with other new things. What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work out? 

Well, regardless of my fear, I am set to do it! I will do everything I know to do and others I do not know to expand and cause every area of my life working.

Join me and let’s step up to a new level!

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